ROM: the new Oncology Network implemented in Madrid

Madrid has implemented a new model for the medical management of cancer patients aiming to improve cancer care. The goal is to ensure that all patients in the Community have access to identical technologies and services to treat their disease.

Inspired by the success of the National Transplant Organization and the benefits it has brought to society, the seven Oncology Services that are currently part of this network (H. 12 Dec. La Paz, H. de la Princesa, H. Puerta de Hierro and H. Ramón y Cajal) will join their human and material resources to create a single environment common to patients, researchers and healthcare professionals in the field of oncology.

According to Dr. Eduardo Díaz Rubio, coordinator of this Network, the objective is “to improve quality and primary coordination”. Currently, the Madrid Cancer Network counts with the professional experience of the Heads of the Oncology Service of the seven centers that are part of it: Dr Luis Paz-Ares, Dr Pedro Pérez Segura, Dr Miguel Martín, Dr Jaime Feliú, Dr Ramon Colomer, Dr Mariano Provencio and Dr Alfredo Carrato.

The project will officially start running before summer 2020 with protocols to treat breast, lung and colon cancers, as well as sarcomas. (More information here)

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